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Prayer Points. Mountain Of Fire And Miracles Ministries. Power Must Change Hands Prayer Programme “My Year Of Awesome Testimonies And Divine Turnaround”

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Jesus. God Loves Bummyla.

English: Resurrection of Christ English: Resurrection of Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Prayer Points. Mountain Of Fire And Miracles Ministries. Power Must Change Hands Prayer Programme “My Year Of Awesome Testimonies And Divine Turnaround”

Command The Year!

Praise worship

Scripture Reading – Psalm 91

Confession – Psalm 91

1. I take authority over this year, in the name of Jesus. I decree that all the elements of this year will cooperate with me. I decree that these elemental forces should refuse to cooperate with my enemies. I speak unto the sun, the moon and the stars. They must not smite me. I pull down every negative energy planning to operate against my life this year. This is the year the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it. I dismantle any power uttering incantations to capture this year. I render such incantations and satanic prayer null and void. I retrieve this…

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DIY – Homemade Body Scrub Recipes

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Do-it-yourself Body Scrubs. A must do.


body scrub

Body scrubs are great!  They leave skin feeling fresh and smooth as well as healthy and glowing by exfoliating off old layers of dead skin.  (They are also a must before applying sunless tanner or getting a spray tan.)  However, sometimes you just don’t have the money to buy one or just don’t have one on hand to use when you need a good scrub.  No worries….you can make your own body scrub using any one of these amazing recipes below with ingrediants that you most likely already have stashed in your kitchen pantry.

Below is a collection of body scrub recipes that I have found while scouring the web….enjoy!

Just remember the consistency of your scrub should be not too oily/runny but it also shouldn’t be dry/crumbly…you want to find that “happy medium” between the two.  Also, you can always adjust any of these recipes to better suit your needs and preferences. …

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September 14, 2013 at 4:43 pm

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Guidelines to studying&living in China

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A Couple of things you need to know before coming to China:

What prompted me to write this? I was on and read this piece on a guy who was studying in an Ivy league University in the States. His story was when he first got to the states,his relations whom he relied on to pay his school fees bailed on him and he thought since the university already gave him admission, they would, in his own words “cut him some slack” (dude musta been in la la land or something!!). They didn’t! DUH! Instead they hounded him and even proceeded to withdraw him, but by HIS grace, a church member loaned him the school fees! Whew! Right? nuh huh!! Mr. Stupid only came with living expences from Naija, which he said didn’t get him anywhere because he thought going to the States would guarantee him a study/work visa. He was allowed to work, but only for a couple hours per week. Long story short, he’s out of the storm through working double shifts and paying back the couple who loaned him the money he needed.

Reading his story got me thinking, I thought i’d post a helpful manual on what to do before dragging your ass thousands of miles away from home and how to survive (i’m mostly just gonna focus on china, for all you china-bound)

1. Take Sufficient Money:  A lot of people think coming to China means you don’t have to take much, cos everything’s cheap thanks to cheap labor or something. WRONG!! If you’re coming to China for the first time, and you don’t know anyone, you MUST, and I repeat, you MUST bring with you a lot of money. If you don’t want to carry money with you, make sure you open a dollar account back home so folks/family and well-wishers can easily send you money. You’re probably thinking, ‘there is Western Union ‘, yes, there is, but unlike in most European countries where the receiver doesn’t need an account, sending money to someone outside of Nigeria via WU, you NEED an account. Dumb huh? Guess they trying to be safe.

2. Pack Light: It is IMPORTANT to pack light!! Very important! Regardless of if you’re traveling to your home town or the Diaspora, pack light! I cannot stress this point enough! My first time coming to Shenyang, where i currently reside, I was stupid enough to take most of my luggage which included 2 big ass bags filled with clothes, shoes, some foodstuff and anything else i had required during my year stay in Beijing, needless to say i had bought a LOT of stuff. The rest, like my electronics and some other shoes i flew down to my new Shenyang address. Now, I’ll tell you why I’m not gonna take the whole blame! On getting down from the train, it’s around 10 at night and a friend of mine had come to get me from the station, he takes me over to his school even after i insisted that I could find my way to my school before they shut the dorm doors, he pleaded with me, that I was his responsibility and we were country-mates and as per Naija peeps and all, we should look after each other. I caved in and we went to his school, on getting there we had to drop at the gate because taxis aren’t allowed in, which i didn’t mind cos i thought i was just minutes away from a hot dish and a soft pillow. We got to his dorm, but security stops us, I couldn’t come in, I wasn’t a student of this school!! Wtf?!! I was so mad!! I mean, nigga musta known all this time that there was no way in hell I could stay over!! What in the world was he thinking?!! See? Toldja carrying so much luggage wasn’t my fault!But I guess relying on a man was!! Anyhoo, I told him I’d just go to my school. We walked all the way back to the gate, hailed a taxi, gave him the address to my school and we drove off (we, as in me and the taxi driver, not me and my so-called friend hmm!) It was after 11 when I finally got to my university. Security wouldn’t allow the taxi so i had to find my way to the International Students Dormitory, another story. Long story, short, after 2 hours of dragging 60 kilos of baggage around, after buckets and buckets of tears, miles of walking and tedious unnecessary sightseeing I finally found one person who took me to the international dorm (you wouldn’t believe where it was…close to the mother-effing gate that I’d just come from!!) by 2 am I was in bed, hungry as a mofo, but glad to be in bed even though it was hard as hell and hurt my back the next day! So yea, like I said, pack light!!

3. Take All Your Documents: Whatever document you used while applying for a visa at the Chinese Embassy, take it with you, your admission paper, receipts, passport (obviously) and also passport photographs they always come in handy, especially that first week.

4. Most universities in China require that at least for the first year, you stay in the dorm. That is a safe bet. I get why a lot of people wouldn’t want to stay in the dorms, they are nothing to write home about, plus it’s cheaper to live in your own apartment especially if you’ve got a friend willing to split the bill, but living in the dorm is safe and so much more convenient.

5. Learn a Second Language- It wouldn’t hurt to know another international language, like say Chinese:), French, Spanish. Cos you never know when it might come in handy in the oddest of situations.

6. Know the country: It also wouldn’t hurt to have some general information of the country/city/state you’re going to be living in. That includes its laws, it’s culture and what language they speak. If you go into a foreign land with no knowledge whatsoever of what’s going on, then you only have yourself to blame, because in this day and age where we’ve got technology all around us with search engines like Google and Bing, you have no excuse! NONE!

7. Try not to get in trouble: This is just a sub-recap of number 6. The locals in China are, let me put this politely, ignorant. Like most locals in countries all over the world, they are weary of foreigners. Don’t get me wrong, once you get to know them, they are really nice people and a lot of them are willing to help a lost foreigner, but in one helpful, patient local there are 5 who will make you pay if you cross them. Oh, and before I forget it’s wise not to use the F-word regardless of if it’s meant as a plain i’m-having-a-bad-day. Some might take it as an insult and beat you to a pulp. It happened to a friend of mine, but in their defense, they were drunk.

8. Take a sweater: The weather in the north of China pities no one. Cities/provinces like Beijing, Dalian, Shenyang, Ha’erbin etc are some examples of where it gets real cold. During the winter in Shenyang, the city where i live, temperature can go down as low as -30! So if you are coming in between the months of October till March,  best have a big-ass, warm coat with you.

9. Do Not Rely on Anyone: Do not rely on anyone, look where that got me (in reference to no 2). I know people will always assure you that they’d take care of you, look after your financial expenses, provide you with a job, get you an apartment, promise you an easier life etc. Now, I’m not saying none of that is possible, they are ALL possible but it ain’t that easy. And to make things happen you gotta do it yourself. Don’t count on anyone to help you, not just because they’d be dashing your hopes once you call on them for help, but because most of these niggas are also hustling out here! They also got peeps to feed back home! So one more time, It is not easy to live abroad, do everything yourself and rely on no one!!

That’s all folks! If you do have more advice or stories to share on this topic I welcome you to write them in the comment box underneath.

P.s this is not just a manual for China, it’s for people who want to relocate/live/study abroad.

One more thing, this is just from an amateur’s point of view so you are ALLOWED to correct me and also if anyone does get offended by my articles or if you think I am referring to you, then I probably am and you can take it up with my black ass:)

To people who might benefit from this piece, ur welcome:)

Names of Newly Appointed Career Ambassadors

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As some of you might have heard (if anyone is in fact reading this blog) the senate has confirmed 25 career diplomats ambassadors and as you have discovered a lot of the Nigerian media locally and on the Internet have focused mostly on infamous Ambassador Ijeoma Bristol and her poor performance during the screening at the senate.

Firstly, I wish to state how disappointed I am in the media for expressing little interest in the appointees and instead focusing Ambassador Bristol’s lack of knowledge in the national anthem. I mean most of these people, who are going to countries to represent us didn’t even get recognition. Going through Google and Bing, I realized that most of the websites that ‘reported’ on the screening had one thing in common, it was written by the same hand in each and everyone of the website I came upon, and after opening close to 10 websites that reported on the newly appointees I thought it was weird and what I want to know is, did the Nigerian media not deem this news worthy to report on?? Was there only one reporter sent in to view and report on the screening?? What was the local news doing?? NTA, what were you guys doing??!

Thereupon, I think it is my duty, as someone who as a personal interest in this particular subject to report it on my blog to the cyberspace world. So, here are the names of ambassadors and their states:)…

Ambassador Maria O. Laose (Ogun), Ambassador Laraba Binta Bhutto (Gombe), Ambassador Mamman Nuhu (Kebbi), Ambassador Obajuluwa Kayode (Ondo), Ambassador Ahmed Magaji (Kano), Ambassador Gregory Okon (Akwa Ibom), Ambassador Samuel S. Yusuf (Niger), Ambassador Umunna Orjiakor (Imo), Ambassador Bello Shehu Ringim (Jigawa), Ambassador Okubotin Cocodia (Bayelsa), Ambassador M.U. Abubakar (Kano), Ambassador George Sampson (Akwa Ibom), Ambassador Folarunso Otukoya (Ogun), Ambassador Amos Idowu (Kwara) and Ambassador Bulus Zom Lolo (Kaduna), Ambassador Felix Pwol (Plateau), Ambassador Oyebola Kuku (Ogun), Ambassador Ayoola Olukanni (Osun), Ambassador Benedic Amobi (Anambra), Ambassador Vincent Okoedion (Edo), Ambassador David Obasa (Ekiti), Ambassador Charles Ononye (Delta), Ambassador Maclean Omuso (Rivers) and Ambassador Joseph Ezema (Enugu).

…ur welcome 🙂

from an amateurs viewpoint

Food for thought

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One out of three sounds made mimicking the Chinese language might be a word in Chinese.

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Food for thought

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Imagine been in therapy, then 3 months in your therapist dies!! :d

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